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Rabii El Bacha LL.M. | President-Founder

Business and Energy Law


Rabat, Morocco

Born in Rabat (Morocco) in 1996, El Bacha Rabii holds a Bachelor of International Business and Administration (BIBA) from the Montpellier Business School and a Master II in Business Law from the Mohammed V University in Rabat. He aims to be part of the first Moroccan academic partnership in energy law with Professor Thomas Schomerus from the Leuphana Lüneburg University.

He is currently a business analyst at the multinational NGage Consulting based in Cairo and Dubai and a collaborator of the German international law firm Korte Law, the first one established in Morocco.

In September 2021, he accompanied a German parliamentarian (Ms. Sandra Weeser) of the FDP party in the German parliament. Previously, he worked as an assistant in the control department and later as an international project manager at the leading German chemical manufacturer Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH in Düsseldorf and at its French subsidiary in Pont-Sainte Maxence.

His experience within the German structures in Morocco allowed him to contribute to the development of relations with Germany. In this context, he is also the author of various articles and member of the Circle of Experts (L'Economiste) but also of several international structures (ICM, IPS Alumni, Doing Business International etc).

He is President-Founder of the CDMA (Center for Moroccan-German Comparative Law), the first of its kind and has also in collaboration with IRESEN produced a report on the legal regulations related to hydrogen and fuel cells (2020).

Elias Belgacem LL.M. | Vice-President

Data protection and ethics


Düsseldorf, Germany

Elias Belgacem is a privacy lawyer, originally from Versailles, France. He currently works as a researcher at the Berlin Career College (Berlin University of the Arts) and at the Einstein Center Digital Future.

In this context, he is analyzing the availability of movement data for sustainable urban mobility from a data protection perspective. This includes in particular the implementation of data protection by design through data minimization, especially with functional anonymization, or through the possibilities offered by certification methods. His personal research project also deals with how to enable data controllers to turn the GDPR requirements into a competitive advantage, with a focus on data protection by design tools.

He is Vice-President of the Moroccan-German Comparative Law Center (CDMA), a partner organization of the EMLC which aims to discuss current legal issues through the prism of the legal systems of Morocco and Germany.

Elias Belgacem holds an LL.M. in International Technology Law of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and a binational and Master's degree (M2) and Bachelor (Licence) in French and German employment and corporate law of the Université de Cergy-Pontoise (France) and Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Germany).

Area of legal expertise: data protection law, privacy, IT law, digital ethics, e-commerce law, corporate law, labor law. Languages: French, German, English, Portuguese

Amine Najidi | Secretary General

Banking law and financial operations


Frankfurt, Germany

A confident, honest and hardworking individual with extensive knowledge of supporting Sales and Marketing Teams, handling pressure, work as a part of a team and most importantly inspire clients to make a positive decision in my company’s favour.

With infectious enthusiasm and open minded attitude using my work experience in Retail Management to develop superb organisational, presentation and problem solving Skills.
Looking always forward to explore new territories and to push existing limits in the search of success.

Simo Lahkime | Treasurer

Banking law and financial operations


Frankfurt, Germany

David Bittl | External Affairs

Morocco-Germany relations


Epalinges, Vaud, Switzerland

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